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Reasons To Try Scuba In Hawaii

Try SCUBA In Hawaii

Beginner Scuba Instruction In Honolulu

First time scuba in Honolulu is an adventure you must try if you enjoy exploring and venturing into new surroundings. We offer snorkeling tours in Waikiki but scuba diving is something you must try while on vacation in Hawaii. Safer and easier than even swimming, scuba diving equipment is engineered to be failsafe. That being said proper training to understand its proper usage is essential. Having a scuba instructor that is highly experienced is the key to your safety and provability of encountering marine life. After a safety briefing and onboard underwater skill practice, you’ll be ready to try scuba for the first time in Honolulu.

Dive Sites In Honolulu

Our dive tours provide all equipment and training required on two dive site locations. We encounter huge Hawaiian green sea turtles, small white tip reef sharks, octopus and schools of tropical reef fish. We have several dive site locations that are well suited for first time scuba divers like for instance, Turtle Canyons, Nautilus and Horseshoe reef to name a few. Overall we are certain you’ll experience the best overall experience on our first time scuba tour.