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First Time Scuba Tour

scuba diving for first time scuba divers – no experience required!

Scuba Diving Destination in Honolulu

Rainbow Scuba Hawaii provides a variety of diving trips and excursions in Honolulu’s beautiful waters, making it an excellent choice for scuba divers of all levels and experiences. 5 Reasons why Rainbow Scuba Hawaii is popular Rainbow Scuba Hawaii offers a broad array of diving trips and excursions, ranging from beginner-friendly dives to more expert…

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February 10, 2023

Honolulu is a fantastic location for scuba diving

Splash into Honolulu, beginner scuba diving In Honolulu, Rainbow Scuba Hawaii provides scuba diving tours suitable for beginners. The tours provide novice divers the chance to get up and personal with sharks, moray eels, and marine turtles while being guided by licensed dive instructors. Participants must meet certain physical criteria and the company provides all…

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February 1, 2023

Reasons To Try SCUBA In Hawaii

Beginner Scuba Instruction In Honolulu First time scuba in Honolulu is an adventure you must try if you enjoy exploring and venturing into new surroundings. We offer snorkeling tours in Waikiki but scuba diving is something you must try while on vacation in Hawaii. Safer and easier than even swimming, scuba diving equipment is engineered…

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March 3, 2021

Best scuba in Honolulu Prices and Locations

Does the best scuba in Honolulu interest you? The south side dive sites in Honolulu are what most scuba divers prefer. The real diļ¬€erence between a bad dive location and the best scuba in Honolulu is truly based on the conditions of the day. That being said, the local knowledge of the divemaster can make…

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July 5, 2020

Beginner Dive Scuba Diving Honolulu

Incredible day for Beginner scuba diving in Honolulu with Rainbow Scuba Hawaii. After an extensive briefing our group of first time beginners are ready to brave the Hawaiian waters. We gear up and plunge in for today scuba adventure. Beginner scuba diving is an easy activity in Honolulu for the entire family on vacation. Participants…

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February 3, 2020