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Best Scuba In Honolulu Prices And Locations

best scuba in Honolulu

Does the best scuba in Honolulu interest you? The south side dive sites in Honolulu are what most scuba divers prefer. The real difference between a bad dive location and the best scuba in Honolulu is truly based on the conditions of the day. That being said, the local knowledge of the divemaster can make or break an incredible dive experience. Our dedicated team of local instructors love to scuba and have doing so for many years!

Does the cost of scuba diving in Oahu prevent you from experiencing the best scuba in Honolulu? Not our prices for scuba diving, they are the lowest in the islands of Hawaii. Why dive with a scuba company that doesn’t own a boat or uses a cattlemaran jammed full of 30 divers? Smaller size groups equate to increased safety and greater fun!