Tourists Investigate Mysterious Honolulu Shipwreck Secrets

Tourists are planning to investigate a mysterious Honolulu shipwreck that they say is nearly 100′ underwater.

Tourists Investigate Mysterious Honolulu Shipwreck Secrets

Tourists Investigate Mysterious Honolulu Shipwreck Secrets

A beautiful sunny day in Honolulu hence a great day for shipwreck investigation. Flying to Oahu from Kauai our guests were eager to explore and above all discover the secrets of the Sea Tiger shipwreck. After gearing up and a briefing on the dive site our team made way out of the Kewalo Basin boat harbor. With the GPS coordinates in hand our captain soon had us to the location of the mysterious Sea Tiger. What secrets will she reveal on our dive to the ocean’s depths? What strange and incredible creatures frequent this wreck? Because our dive team were certified divers and certainly qualified, we plunged into the ocean to discover the answers. Diving down through light current and huge schools of bait fish we finally reached the hidden shipwreck at 100′ underwater. Rather than split up our team decided to search the wreck together, investigating the whole dive site thoroughly.

In what seems like only minutes we encounter reef sharks about the shipwreck. Consequently the sharks on the wreck are a non-aggressive species but thrilling to see 100′ underwater. On finding an entrance into the cabin area we enter cautiously and explore even more. Going around the corner we enter the engine room of this magnificent shipwreck. With the mystery of this vessel solved we exit the interior to further explore on deck. Again we encounter more schools of beautiful tropical fish and most noteworthy another White tip reef shark. As a result of nitrogen absorption levels reaching maximum levels we ascend to the safety stop.

Mysterious Honolulu Shipwreck Secrets Revealed! Overall an incredible tour investigating the Sea Tiger shipwreck in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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