Sea Tiger Shipwreck

Sea Tiger Shipwreck Exploration 12-06-2017

Hawaii Sea Tiger shipwreck exploration Great day to scuba dive and do some sea Tiger shipwreck exploration. our first dive today was over at the sea tiger dive site. Because of the great visibility we encountered high currents but it was worth it! With a maximum depth of 100′ we were able to dive for […]

Best Oahu Diving

Oahu Diving Shipwrecks Honolulu 08-19-2017

Best Oahu Diving Shipwrecks another beautiful day for Oahu diving shipwrecks. Our first dive was over on the Sea Tiger shipwreck. An assortment of tropical fish to enjoy and three Hawaiian green sea turtles. because our dive was for about 20 minutes of bottom time, the maximum depth was limited to 100′. the second dive […]

Oahu Diving shipwrecks

Oahu Diving shipwrecks Honolulu 08-15-2017

honolulu shipwrecks Oahu Scuba Diving Another awesome day of Oahu diving the Sea Tiger shipwreck. with a depth of around 100′ our bottom time was 20 minutes. Several Hawaiian green sea turtles and most noteworthy a great white tip reef shark! For our second dive we choose the kewalo pipe reef mooring. Because of the […]

Honolulu Night Scuba

Honolulu Night Scuba Diving

Honolulu night scuba on the Sea Tiger shipwreck Some current tonight but an awesome Honolulu Night Scuba trip! Night time exploration on the Sea Tiger is my favorite dive here in Honolulu. Although there was some current tonight was no exception once down below. After waiting some time for another dive boat to finish we […]

Shipwreck Night Dive Honolulu

Exploring Sea Tiger Shipwreck Night Dive Honolulu

Shipwreck Night Dive Honolulu An extraordinary night dive on the Sea Tiger shipwreck in Honolulu Hawaii. With a depth of about 100′ the wreck is deep therefore limiting the bottom time. total bottom time is around 20 minutes but worth every minute! We encountered several turtles, moray eels and most noteworthy a little sponge crab. […]

Night Dive Honolulu Hawaii

Night Dive Scuba Honolulu Hawaii 08-08-2017

Awesome night dive tonight on the Sea Tiger shipwreck. Calm waters, good viability and no current made this a fun dive. We encountered several sleeping parrot fish on deck as well as several small crabs. Inside the wheelhouse was a huge Hawaiian slipper lobster. Another awesome find was on the a huge sponge crab on […]

Exploring Sea Tiger Shipwreck 06-16-2016

Honolulu’s Sea Tiger Shipwreck Beautiful conditions today for exploring the Sea Tiger Shipwreck! Our first dive site was the Sea Tiger shipwreck. My favorite location for diving here on Oahu Hawaii and today was no exception. Lots to see including several turtles, moray eels and consequently the Hawaiian octopus being the highlight today. The dive […]