Sea Tiger Shipwreck Exploration 12-06-2017

Hawaii Sea Tiger shipwreck exploration

Great day to scuba dive and do some sea Tiger shipwreck exploration.
Sea Tiger Shipwreck

our first dive today was over at the sea tiger dive site. Because of the great visibility we encountered high currents but it was worth it! With a maximum depth of 100′ we were able to dive for 20 minutes with a 4 minute safety stop. A Hawaiian green sea turtle greeted us immediately upon reaching the bow of the shipwreck. We also found a spotted eagle ray and two white tip reef sharks about.

For the second dive location we chose the kewalo pipe reef. Again spotting a few Hawaiian green sea turtles and an abundance of beautiful reef fish. Highlight of the day was the octopus! The maximum depth was 50′ underwater and approximately 45 minutes of bottom time.

Overall an excellent day for sea Tiger shipwreck exploration.

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