Scuba Divers In Oahu Hawaii Encounter Sharks

First time scuba divers encounter several White tip reef sharks and huge schools of tropical fish.

Scuba Divers In Oahu Hawaii Encounter Sharks
Scuba Divers In Oahu Hawaii Encounter Sharks

Magnificent day in Honolulu for our group of zealous first time beginner scuba divers. After some questions and a scuba briefing our dive boat headed out of the Kewalo basin boat harbor in search of the first time divers site. Because our group of beginner divers were interested in sharks we ventured over to Nautilus reef, probably the best site to encounter them. Safety above all is stressed on the briefing and some practice of the scuba diving skills while underwater. Upon jumping into the clear Hawaiian waters our dive team set off to encounter the White tip species of reef shark known to frequent this reef. After what seems like only minutes underwater, we spot the first reef shark of the day! An incredible experience for our first time scuba divers.

For the second dive location we choose the Kewalo pipe reef. Similarly to the other dive location this area is also know for numerous reef sharks. Again plunging into the blue Hawaii waters, we explore the reef in search of the elusive sharks. Lots of tropical fish and most noteworthy a Hawaiian octopus! This was certainly the highlight of our beginner divers experience. More underwater exploration and again another group of White tip reef shark were spotted.

Several sharks about Honolulu’s reefs astound scuba divers. Overall today’s scuba dive experience in Oahu Hawaii was certainly an exceptional vacation memory.

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