PADI eCard SCUBA Certification

PADI eCard scuba certification

PADI eCard scuba certification
PADI eCard scuba certification

PADI’s brand new eCard is actually a online digital scuba diver certification card which resides upon an Android mobile phone, Apple iPhone as well as Blackberry mobile phones and utilized through the PADI mobile app (a complimentary download).

The PADI eCard is proof of scuba diving certification (just like the PADI plastic card).

The PADI eCard is available for purchase through PADI’s website for $37.00, or through us for the cost of $30.00 each.

You’ll also to furnish need the following information for your PADI ecard:

  • First, middle and last name

  • Date of birth (month day and year)

  • Mailing address

  • eMail address

  • Phone number

  • Digital photo, head shot file of 250k or less

  • What current certification(s) level the student wants as an eCard

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