Oahu Scuba Diving 11-07-2017

Awesome Oahu Scuba Diving today

modified day of shipwreck and shallow reef diving today.

With a mixed group today of certified and first time dives Our first dive was Sea Tiger shipwreck. Lots to see including a 6’ whitetip reef shark. With a five time of 20 minutes bottom time and 3 minute safety stop it was great!

While the certified divers took a surface interval it was time for the first time divers to test their skills underwater. Here at nautilus reef we encountered more whitetip reef sharks and a huge Hawaiian octopus. Depth was around 40’ and 30 minutes of underwater time.

Now ready for our certified divers to again join in we ventured over to horseshoe reef. Finally encountering some Hawaiian green sea turtles over at the dive site. Overall it was an awesome day of Iahu Scubs diving.

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