First Time Scuba Lessons Tour, Oahu Diving Beginners

Another incredible day for Oahu Diving!

First Time Scuba Lessons Tour, Oahu Diving Beginners

After meeting all of our beginners we discovered that some in the class were flying soon and as a result are unable to try scuba diving in Oahu today. Waiting 18 hours before flying in Aircraft is required after scuba diving due to nitrogen absorption therefore only two dive participants today. Thus heading out of Kewalo Basin harbor we headed over to the Horseshoe reef dive site. Crystal clear water awaits us as we plunge into the pacific ocean. After some practice of the essential beginner diver skills, we were therefore ready for a great Oahu beginner scuba diving tour! Magnificent first time Oahu scuba diving tour for beginners. Certainly an enjoyable day for first time scuba lessons on Oahu Hawaii.

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